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I'm John Johnston and I live in St. Louis, Mo.  I want to share a personal perspective about our business. This is an incredible opportunity. It is possible to earn $100’s even $1000's a mouth.  *See Disclaimer below*.  Work part time or full time.  If you are like I was, you may be a little skeptical.  If so, that's ok! I just encourage you to take a closer look at this, and especially how we make money. I think you will find our Pay Plan is one of the very best in the network marketing field  .

I am so excited about the opportunity our business has given me. Having my own business has also been a lot of fun! I get to set my own hours, work when I want to, and if I have scheduling conflicts with family or other activities, I just work around them!

We have a proven track record to run on with our team system. So whether you are looking to supplement your income working a few hours a week from home or wanting to eventually replace and even surpass what you are currently earning, please take a very close look. I firmly believe you'll be happy you did and IF you can see yourself fitting on our team I look forward to working with you.  Thank you very much.


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If you have any questions please give me a call and will be happy to answer them.

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Again, take a few minutes and look over ouGreat Customer Refferal Program    Just give us a call and we will tell you how to start promoting Life Plus Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins,  Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements. (we have a great training program too).

See  a detailed explanation of The Life Plus  International  Customer Referral and  Financial Pay Plan.

*There is no guarantee of how much money you will make with Life Plus.  It will depend entirely on you and  how much time you are willing to give to building your business and of course your own abilities.  But, it is possible to achieve your goal.  However, we will work with you one on one, we will train you, and we do what ever it take to make you successful.
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