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The calls listed below will answer many of your questions.  Please listen I believe you will be very impressed.  After you have listen to the calls and still have more question please give John a call at 1-314-966-6351 anytime after 12 PM to 7PM CST USA Time Mon-Fri.

Call1-870-307-6131 (Choose 1 for English and 2 for Spanish, then choose)

1.  Business Opportunity Information 
2.  Daily Bio Basics Information 
3.  Proanthenols Information 
4.  OmeGold Information 
5.  MSM Information 
6.  Daily Bio Basics Tips 

We hope that you enjoy this information and find it useful. Keep listening for upcoming conference calls and webinars. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help building your business. 

Have a GREAT Life Plus Day! 

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Why You Should Join Us!

Our team is one of the largest organization in Life Plus  We have been with Life Plus International since 1994 and our mission is to provide you on going support and training and to help you achieve your financial dreams with your home business. 

Our group has very happy Life Plus product customers and distributors around the globe.  People from all walks of life who like yourself were looking to make a change in either their health, financial situation or both.

Life Plus International is the company that provides the home-based business opportunity and life enhancing products for our members around the world. 

Now you can build a business you can sell or will to your family.  Work in your spare-time, part-time or even full-time. Combine the power of our off-line tools and techniques with the Internet and e-commerce, to capitalize on the best of both worlds.

We provide the support system and training that you will need to 
attain the the desired success you are looking for!.  

For any questions about joining our team, our Products or Business Opportunity please give me a call.  Ask for John anytime after 12PM to 7PM CST USA Time Mon-Fri.  Here is my  office number 1-314-966-6351.

When you join our team we will help you from beginning to end.  This means we will help you set up all your FREE Websites, teach you how to work the business,  go over Life Plus Internationals Pay Plan and explain how it works, and much more!
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St. Louis, Mo  ID# 8611  Call 1-314-966-6351
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